Notice: Two shuttle buses are scheduled to transport applicants from the aiprot to Toyoko-Inn free of charge on 9th August 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. During the time of the conference, there will be shuttle buses between Toyoko Inn and UST that will be free of charge.

08/09 -> Two buses (1:00 PM, 7:30 PM) will be operating from Incheon airport  to Toyoko-inn(Daejeon).
(*) 08/10 ~ 08/12 -> Two buses will be operating. It’s Round trip.
08/13 -> One bus (10:00 AM) will be operating from Toyoko-inn(Daejeon) to Seoul Station(Seoul)

08/10 -> 08:00 AM from Toyoko-inn to UST, 05:40 PM from UST to Toyoko-inn.
08/11 -> 08:30 AM from Toyoko-inn to UST, 05:15 PM from UST to Toyoko-inn. (Our banquet place is near hotel Toyoko-inn.)
08/12 -> 08:30 AM from Toyoko-inn to UST, 05:00 PM from UST to Toyoko-inn.

Shuttle Bus Information

- Time : 9th August   1:00 PM, 7:00 PM.
- Meeting point : 1st floor of the Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal, Exit 12.
- Those who want to take shuttle bus : please send e-mail to
- Applicants who arrived in 9th August please visit the meeting point and tell us your intention.

- Emergency phone numbers : +82-16-325-4557, +82-10-6672-5944

 # Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal Map.


Transport Information for applicants not using the shuttle bus

Airport -> UST or Toyoko-inn
One can take the Airport Limousine (From Incheon airport to Dongboo Cross-Country Bus Terminal Center). Please refer to the map below.
Upon arrival at Daejeon Government Complex(not Dongboo Cross-Country Bus Terminal Center), please take a taxi to UST or Toyoko-inn.
<the way to get to the hotel by walk>  <–click

Airport Limousine

Route : Incheon International Airport <-> Daejeon Bus Terminal

Terminal Location

- Incheon Airport Bus Terminal
- Passengers can get information about Limousine and Premium Bus and purchase tickets at the following Bus Ticketing Offices : Exit 4 and 9(indoors) & Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C(outdoors).

- Bus Stop No. : (1st Floor) 9D
- Station : Daejeon Government Complex(near Toyoko-inn)

   Premium Bus : 22,100 won
   Premium Midnight Bus : 23,300 won

Travel time : about 150 min