Oral Speakers

Oral Speakers
Name : Chih-Hung Chou
Organization : NCTU
Title : Homologous Cluster of MicroRNA Target Interaction
Name : Gang Chen
Organization : Central South University
Title : Graph Clustering Based Comparative Analysis of Expression Data Identify Disease-associated Biological Processes
Name : Hwee Meng Low
Organization : Genome Institute of Singapore
Title : SVM-based Prediction of Calpain Substrate Cleavage Sites
Name : Hyunjung Kang
Organization : Ewha Womans University
Title : gsGator – An Integrated Web Platform for Gene Set Analysis (GSA) Across Multiple Species
Name : Jung Eun Shim
Organization : Yonsei University
Title : Discovery of Functional Gene Associations from Protein Domain Information
Name : Kun Gao
Organization : Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Title : Algebraic Distribution of Segmental Duplication Lengths in Whole-Genome Sequence Self-alignments
Name : Minjeong Ko
Organization : Ewha Womans University
Title : Integrated Network Analysis of Human Diseases and miRNAs
Name : Namrata Tomar
Organization : Project Linked Personnel, Indian Statistical Institute
Title : Integrated Pathway Modeling: Host-pathogen Interaction
Name : Atiya Mahmood
Organization : International Islamic University Islamabad
Title : Computational Prediction of Functional Constraints to Engineer MicroRNA for Anti-HCV Therapy
Name : Raghvendra Kumar Mishra
Organization : Konkuk University
Title : Development and Characterization of EST-based SSR Markers in Pea (Pisum sativum L.) and Their Potential Utility for Gene Mapping and Transferability
Name : Ratna Prabha
Organization : NBAIM
Title : Whole Genome Phylogeny of Prochlorococcus marinus Group of Cyanobacteria
Name : Shigeyuki Magi
Organization : KEIO University
Title : The Studies on the Signaling Pathway for Cancer Cell Migration by the Combination of Chemical Biology and Systems Biology
Name : So Nakagawa
Organization : National Institute of Genetics
Title : Dynamic Evolution of Endogenous Retrovirus-derived Genes for Placentation: An RNA-seq Study in Bos taurus
Name : Sohyun Hwang
Organization : Yonsei University
Title : Network-assisted Search for Hidden Association Between Gene Sets
Name : Sungyong You
Organization : POSTECH
Title : A Systems Approach to Complex Human Diseases: Network-driven Identification of Potential Pathogenic Mechanisms and Potential Association of Disease
Name : TaeSoo Kwon
Organization : National Institute of Health, Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Title : pSEVA: a Platform for SEquence Variation Analysis with Next Generation Sequencing Data
Name : Thanet Praneenararat
Organization : Dept. Comp. Biol., the University of Tokyo
Title : Interactive, Multiscale Navigation of Large and Complicated Biological Networks
Name : Wei-Cheng Lo
Organization : National Chiao Tung University
Title : CPred: A Prediction System for Viable Circular Permutations in Proteins